Competition project, 2002
collaborators: Aldo De Poli, Gabriele Gardini, Michelangelo Zucchini


The theme of this project is the architecture of the "themed squares" foreseen by the singular Masterplan for the urban Centre of Modena-North: the New Piazza della Stazione (Railway station) and the Rondò del Canaletto, the Campolungo, the Piazza Centrale, the Giardino Pubblico di Mezzo.

Each Piazza is conceived as a unique building, following the l example of the ancient Roman Forum.

The Nuova  Piazza della Stazione and the Rondò del Canaletto are redesigned as a unitary whole of places and buildings. At the point of passage from the old to the new  city  there is an urban Loggia and the Pavilions for the new Railway station.

For the Piazza del Campolungo, an oblong green lawn, the project proposes the construction of repeated palace-houses, with a ground floor porch, windowed walls in the two upper floors and a crowning loggia.

For the Piazza Centrale, a circular paved place, there are four identical six storey buildings with an internal triangular courtyard.

For the boards of the urban park, called Giardino Pubblico di Mezzo the construction of houses-terraces and urban villas is proposed: the first, for the southern front, the second for the northern one.